Stone Hill Overlook

Bed and Breakfast

Stone Hill Overlook provides a comfortable and relaxing place to stay in Hermann, the prettiest small town in Missouri. We’re only a stone’s throw from Stone Hill Winery and the Vintage Restaurant, and our location at the top of a ridge offers views of the town, Stone Hill Winery’s vineyards and the surrounding countryside.

Our two bedrooms, plus always-available living room, dining room and multiple decks, offer a peaceful respite for up to four people traveling together. Off-steet parking.

A light continental breakfast is served by your on-site host.

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  • Autumn from the deck

    Autumn view of Stone Hill Winery and vineyards as seen from the deck. Autumn_from_my_deck_jr_thumb
  • Breakfast

    A light continental breakfast (petit dejeuner) is served by your on-site host. Breakfast_2b_jr_thumb
  • Deck chairs

    Relax any time of day on these chairs on the open deck at the rear of the house. Deck_chairs_back_jr_thumb
  • Covered deck with patio set

    The patio set at the rear of the house is on a deck protected by a transparent roof. Deck_patio_set_large_1a_jr_thumb
  • Dining Room

    The dining room is for the exclusive use of guests. Dr_2011_jr_thumb
  • South Room

    A gecko lamp greets you in the South Room, where the island furniture is crafted from wood salvaged from old sailing ships. East_bedroom_v2_jr_thumb
  • Flowers out front

    Dianthus by the street greets you with pale blue flowers in season. Flowers_by_drive_jr_thumb
  • Welcome

    Stone Hill Overlook is an owner-occupied Bed and Breakfast. House_with_sign_jr_thumb
  • Kitchenette

    Kitchenette with refrigerator, everything for making coffee and tea, plus glassware, plates, flatware and cloth napkins. Kitchenette_3b_jr_thumb
  • Glasses

    Ready for a glass of wine? Kitchenette_glasses_1_jr_thumb
  • Moonrise over Hermann

    Beautiful Harvest Moon rising, as seen from the deck at the rear of the house. Moonrise_over_hermann_1_jr_thumb
  • Puzzles and games

    To give your grey cells some exercise. Living_room_games_1_thumb
  • Rainbow

    A rainbow off to the east, as seen from the deck at the rear of the house. Rainbow_off_deck_3a_jr_thumb
  • Surprise

    Surprise lilies bordering the south lawn caught at sunrise. Rocks_uprooted_jr_thumb
  • Autumn

    Stone Hill Winery and vineyards seen from the deck at the rear of the house in autumn. Sh_vineyard_medium_1_jr_thumb
  • Snowy sunrise

    After a beautiful snow, sunrise from the deck at the rear of the house. Snowy_day_off_deck_jr_thumb
  • Gecko lamp

    A gecko lamp climbs the wall in the South Room. South_gecko_lamp_jr_thumb
  • South Room bath

    The bath for the South Room features a glass leaf bowl and waterfall faucet. Stone_hill_overlook_bath_1_jr_thumb
  • Stone stairs

    Granite stairway to the lower yard, looking up from the bottom. Stone_stairs_to_lower_deck_jr_thumb
  • North Room bath

    Vibrant red room with white fixtures. Stonehill_overlool_bath_2a_jr_thumb
  • Foggy sunrise

    Sunrise from the deck at the rear of the house on a foggy morning. Sunrise_off_deck_jr_thumb
  • Winter view

    Stone Hill Winery and vineyards in winter, from the deck at the rear of the house. Vineyard_snow_1a_jr_thumb
  • North Room

    A clean Northern European design prevails in the North Room. West_bedroom_v2_jr_thumb
  • Stone Hill Winery

    Stone Hill Winery and their Vintage Restaurant are only about 100 yards away. Wu_stone_hill_close_1_jr_thumb
  • Staying warm

    The living room, which is exclusively for guests, has a wood-burning fireplace to keep you warm. Lr_2011-2_jr_thumb